AIS launches cyberthreat awareness drive Campaign part of Aunjai Cyber project

ais launches cyberthreat awareness drive  campaign part of aunjai cyber project

Ms Saichon, fourth from left in the back row, said people can learn through Aunjai Cyber online courses.

Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS), Thailand's biggest mobile operator by subscriber base, has launched the latest campaign of the Aunjai Cyber project with short videos aimed at expanding people's knowledge to guard against online risks and boosting their digital skills.

The latest campaign, which runs under the theme of “Wisdom to Survive”, is aimed at providing people with more guards against the various challenges posed by cyberthreats.

AIS also indicates that it is the firm’s obligation to be a digital mentor for every generation on a mission to nurture the economy and support safe digital usage among the public.

Saichon Submakudom, head of public relations at AIS, said cybercrimes and internet scams are becoming more critical, which can harm anyone in society and the key to defeating such threats is wisdom.

The campaign, through collaboration with the private and state sectors, will provide digital skills training for people while finding ways to obstruct cyberthreats, she said.

The move can build immunity in new digital lifestyles of members of the public, which is another tool to defeat cyber-assaults, said Ms Saichon.

People can learn through Aunjai Cyber’s online courses.

AIS’s mission for Aunjai Cyber is to work for sustainability and encourage digital skills building in two aspects.

First, people can learn about technology that can develop digital service formats that can counter cyberthreats, and, second, they can gain knowledge to level up their digital skills so they can negotiate the digital world safely and constructively, she said.

“Prevention and immunisation, alongside raising awareness among the whole population has now become an urgent item on the agenda,” said Ms Saichon.

Phalat Romchai, director of the short film Phenomena, said insights through working with the Aunjai Cyber project is a way to build understanding among a wide range of viewers.

“We wanted to show that cyberthreats are a serious problem, and that people can be in jeopardy if they are uninformed and do not have the knowledge to cope with the threats and the single thing enabling us to survive is wisdom,” said Mr Phalat.

There will be short films in a comedy-horror style through characters who have become the victims of cyberthreats, eventually resulting in their deaths.

The stories show that anyone can fall into being a victim in the online world and only wisdom can help people survive, he said.

Dr Amporn Benjaponpitak, director-general of the Mental Health Department, said many Thais, especially the young, face cyberthreats and they are still unable to cope with them appropriately.

The department is ready to work with all parties to create awareness of the issue, she said.

Digital awareness can also help people avoid falling prey to cybercrimes, Dr Amporn said.

Pol Maj Gen Niwate Arpawasin, deputy commissioner of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau, stressed prevention and suppression of cybercrimes are the core mission of the bureau.

“Together we can communicate and build up the requisite know-how for the public to be one step ahead of the scammers, and be resistant to fraudulent lures or claims in all their many forms,” he said.