Boncafe (Thailand) achieves 2nd CSR-DIW Continuous Awards 2022 from the Ministry of Industry

August 24, 2022 – Boncafe (Thailand) CEO Khun Usapun Inteevoravong along with Boncafe factory’s representatives attended the annual Corporate Social Responsibility, Department of Industrial Works awarding event or the CSR-DIW Continuous Awards 2022 held by the Department of Industrial Works in which Boncafe is proud to be awarded respectively for the 2nd year.

This auspicious awarding event presents the determination to maintain its business standards with the emphasis of realizing and supporting the continuous corporate social responsibility of the industry’s entrepreneurs towards the society, community, and the environment to conform under the CSR-DIW standards.

boncafe (thailand) achieves 2nd csr-diw continuous awards 2022 from the ministry of industry

The Department of Industrial Works has also been consecutively developing the project and policy of the CSR-DIW by promoting the cooperations between industrial entrepreneurs and community to maintain sustainable social symbiosis while driving the improvements within the local areas along with harmony. Boncafe highlights the zero waste policy to reduce waste, such as taking parts in organic farming projects to improve the sustainability within the community by recycling deposed coffee grounds to its fullest benefits, demonstrating how to make bio-fermented water, soil conditioner for local farmers, and providing garbage sorting for friends of Boncafe to segregate and store the waste and increase the values of recycled waste from the employee’s consumption. This project has gained good participation from the employees resulting in good internal waste management which benefits the community’s environment.

boncafe (thailand) achieves 2nd csr-diw continuous awards 2022 from the ministry of industry

This highlights the confidence that each and every cog within Boncafe (Thailand) will maintain its standard practice and improve the corporate social responsibility towards the community and society to form a sustainable and happy relationship between us and every sector within the society.