Central Group rolls out 'creative space' Firm unveils Jing Jai Central Chiang Mai

central group rolls out 'creative space'  firm unveils jing jai central chiang mai

Jing Jai Central Chiang Mai covers a total area of 28 rai, with over 500 outlets.

Central Group has launched Jing Jai Central Chiang Mai, calling it a creative space for inspiration and shared happiness.

The space promotes Thai products and local food products, which can serve as soft power to attract both local and international visitors.

“Central Group is committed to making Jing Jai Central Chiang Mai a space of creativity. The venue brings people together through various partner shops, such as Thai and international eateries, cafes, lifestyle stores, art studios and a supermarket,” said Pong Skuntanaga, head of corporate business development at Central Group.

Mr Pong said that Jing Jai Central consists of three zones, namely Jing Jai Village, Jing Jai Market and Jing Jai Gallery, covering an area of 28 rai, with over 500 shops.

Jing Jai Village is designed as a community space, fusing Lanna architecture and greenery. This zone is home to eateries and cafes, as well as office space and open spaces for Thai and international artists.

Central Group said Jing Jai Market has been designed as a space for inspiration and creativity, surrounded by green plants and many shops.

A highlight of this zone is “Jing Jai Weekend Market”, which was the first organic market by Central Group that started with less than 10 small stalls. Over the past decade it has grown into more than 70 families of farmers from 15 communities selling their produce, while around 250 local craftsmen sell their handmade products and ready-to-eat meals.

The market allows local businesses to have a sustainable income, while also promoting Chiang Mai products, food and culture to attract local and international visitors, generating 40 million baht a year for the economy.

Jing Jai Gallery has been designed as an art space where various types of art can be showcased. The gallery serves as a venue that promotes Thai artists on an international scale, and will become an arts centre where people can experience fine arts, music and cinematic arts.

Mr Pong said that each zone is unique and serves its own purpose. He added that Jing Jai Central’s target is to attract 80% locals and 20% foreigners.

“The main objective is to draw those who value quality of life, Thai and international eco tourists, those who are interested in local Thai culture, local residents, Bangkokians and those who reside in or are travelling in Chiang Mai. We expect to see some 800,000 visitors a year, generating 60 million baht for the community,” said Mr Pong.