Disaster mitigation agencies on standby as Noru hits provinces with heavy rain

Disaster mitigation agencies on standby as Noru hits provinces with heavy rain

All provincial disaster prevention and mitigation offices and related agencies have been instructed to prepare for flash floods and runoffs caused by super typhoon Noru as it heads to Vietnam.

Interior Minister General Anupong Paochinda issued the order on Monday, citing the Thai Meteorological Department’s forecast of heavy to very heavy rain and gusty winds hitting several provinces from Wednesday to Saturday.

Anupong said provincial disaster prevention and mitigation offices should establish an operation centre to monitor the weather as well as evaluate the impact in their areas, including the amount of rain, water levels in rivers and canals, and the discharge rate of dams and reservoirs.

These centres should keep residents updated and issue advance warnings, so people can prepare for evacuation if necessary.

The minister also tasked all disaster prevention and mitigation units to dispatch officials to survey their areas and prepare equipment such as water pumps, rescue boats and vehicles for delivery of survival bags. They should be ready for deployment at any time to provide aid and evacuate affected communities.

Anupong also instructed related agencies to coordinate with the military, police, rescue foundations and volunteers to help people affected by heavy rain and flooding, including establishing temporary shelters and kitchens to cook meals for displaced people and delivering survival bags to inundated households.

The minister also tasked agencies in coastal provinces to monitor the shores and ensure all ships follow the advice of the Marine Department, the Royal Thai Navy and the Marine Police. Hotels by the sea have also been told to advise their guests to stay out of the sea during strong winds, high waves and thundershowers.

People needing help can call the 1784 24-hour hotline.