Emdining offers meatless menus

emdining offers meatless menus

Green curry with plant-based chicken at Kub’Kao Kub’Pla. Emporium

Almost 20 dining establishments at the Emporium and EmQuartier are serving a selection of delicious meatless dishes during the “Emdining J-Festival” until Oct 4.

This is an opportunity for those determined to follow a strict vegan diet by omitting meat, poultry, seafood, or any animal products for at least nine days to turn to fulfil their bodies and spirits with numerous vegetarian menus, called as Jay foods among Thais, from famous eateries.

This annual vegetarian festival is one of the most prominent and oldest Thai-Chinese traditions passed on from generation to generation. It’s believed to bring prosperity and merits to those who abstain from consuming meat.

emdining offers meatless menus

Phat ha sien at Escape Bangkok. photos courtesy of Emporium

Many participating restaurants and shops within the two shopping centres have come up with sumptuous vegan dishes cooked from the best premium ingredients especially for this festival.

Among the recommended recipes are green curry with plant-based chicken at Kub’Kao Kub’Pla, cabbage pancake stir-fried with tofu at Sava All Day Dining, Phat Ha Sien at Escape Bangkok, plant-based Mapo tofu served with steamed rice at Man Fu Yuan Kitchen, deep fried larb at Nara Thai Cuisine, tofu roasted with salt and chilli at South Tiger, and healthy Thai tea at Karun Thai Tea.

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