Expressway Crash in Bangkok Leaves 1 Dead, 4 Seriously Injured

On Wednesday night, two pickup trucks collided with a parked truck of a crew painting traffic lanes on the Burapha Withi expressway in Bangkok, killing one and seriously injuring four others.

According to highway police, the fatal crash occurred on the Bangkok-inbound side of the expressway in Samut Prakan province. It was reported around 11 p.m.

When highway police and rescue workers arrived on the accident scene, they discovered a severely damaged Nissan pickup truck in the right lane, with two injured people trapped inside.

They were lifted out and taken to a nearby hospital.

They were later identified as the driver, Niphon Sumalee, 32, and a 15-year-old girl, Wannapha Sumalee.

the damaged Nissan pickup was aside from the paint crew truck, and a Toyota pickup truck was found crashed into the back of it.

news, expressway crash in bangkok leaves 1 dead, 4 seriously injured

Rescue workers discovered two seriously injured men trapped in the wreckage. They, too, were transported to a nearby Bangkok hospital.

The driver of the Toyota pickup was identified as Mr. Sulgiflee Roying, 22, who was found dead and trapped inside.

Before rescue workers could extract his body, a large crane truck was used to separate the wrecks.

Mr. Phetprakarn Chuenchom, 48, a paint crew truck driver, told police that he and other crew members worked for a company hired to paint traffic lanes on the Bangkok expressway.

They were putting traffic cones on the road behind the truck when he noticed two pickup trucks approaching in the right lane at high speed.

The trucks showed no signs of slowing down or changing lanes.

As the first pickup slammed into the back of the truck, he and the other workers fled to the side of the road, followed by the second.

According to the Bangkok Post, the paint truck driver immediately called the police.

A police investigation is still ongoing, with CCTV security camera footage of the crash being examined.

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