First set of cross-platform rating data delivered

First set of cross-platform rating data delivered

The new system aims to combine online and offline measurements under one rating system

Bangkok, October 6, 2022 – The Association of Digital Television Broadcasting (ADTEB), in collaboration with Nielsen Thailand, unveiled the first detail of rating data under the new cross-platform rating system that both parties had previously debuted in August this year.

The adaptation of cross-platform ratings has made Thailand the first country in ASEAN to implement the system that responds to the change in technology and consumer behaviours with an aim to raise the standard of the broadcasting industry to an international level.

In a press conference on Thursday, ADTEB revealed that the rating data will be delivered to the public every month in phases under the steps to fully implement the cross-platform rating system across all media and all platforms in Thailand by the first quarter of 2023.

Currently, the census data from audiences of traditional and digital TV on television sets and digital devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) covering live and streaming programmes have already been delivered. In the last quarter of this year, the data delivered will cover viewing of rerun programmes as well, said ADTEB. The association hopes to add cross-platform data on total audience, sample groups and census by February of 2023.

ADTEB president Suparb Kleekajai, said “From the first set of data being delivered in August and September, we are excited that most Thais are still watching TV as a major outlet while streaming media are also influencing Thai people’s behaviour in media consumption.

“The association hopes that the new cross-platform rating system will help establish a better understanding of media consumption trend by combining both online and offline media under one standard rating system, as well as help policymakers in setting suitable strategy for their platform,” he added.