‘Floating train' in Lop Buri a big hit as dam waters rise

‘floating train' in lop buri a big hit as dam waters rise

Tourists enjoy after a train stops at the middle of Pasak Jolasid Dam in Lop Buri province on Sunday. (Reuters photo)

LOP BURI: Tickets have been selling out fast for rides on a special “floating train”, where passengers have been enjoying the illusion of aquatic rail travel due to a post-monsoon rise in water levels.

The route starts in Bangkok and passes through the Pasak Jolasid dam in Lop Buri province six hours away on an elevated track just above the water level, which officials say has been unusually high this year.

The train runs only at weekends between November and February and tickets have been sold out until New Year.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Bunyanuch Pahuyut, who was among 600 passengers who have travelled on the route on Sunday.