Fortnite Error Code LS-0016: Here’s How to Fix it

(CTN News) – While Fortnite is usually a good online game, there are times when it doesn’t work.

Most Fortnite errors come from the game itself and aren’t something you can control. You should always be aware of what an error is.

Here’s how to fix Fortnite Error Code LS-0016.

Right now, Fortnite is down until the next patch on Oct. 4. It is just that this is the explanation at the moment.

However, at any other time, you’ll need the following info.

Why Can’t I Play Fornite? How To Check For Server Issues

@FortniteStatus Twitter Page is one of the fastest ways to find out if there’s an issue with server downtime if you’re on social media.

Players can keep up with the most recent server issues on this official Epic Games page.

How To Fix Fortnite Error Code LS-0016

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If you have an error with Fortnite, your best bet would be to check the @FortniteStatus Twitter account first.

LS-0016: The unavailable game is the full Fortnite error code listing from Epic Games. It’s not something you can fix.

According to them, this error is caused by:

You’re probably in the middle of an update when you get this error. After the update is released and downloaded, you should be able to launch the game.

If you’re getting this error without an update, Epic gives a couple of solutions.

The Epic Games website recommends closing the launcher and restarting to refresh your “entitlements.”

Verify your game files to make sure it’s installed and updated.

To do this, Epic gives the steps as follows:

  • You’ll need to open the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Click on the Library.
  • Click on the three dots next to the game you want to verify.
  • Click on Verify.

Here’s everything you need to know about Error Code LS-0016 in Fortnite. Fortnite will be back once the downtime’s over.