Fortnite Season 4 Driftwood Locations


(CTN News) – During Fortnite’s new season, all fans have expected some changes to the map. As a result, new landmarks are being added to the game, while some of the old ones are being changed or renamed.

There are certain quests that are associated with the new landmarks that have been added to the game as part of Season 4. The Driftwood is one of the new landmarks added to Fortnite Season 4. Here is how to locate it.

Where to Find the Driftwood in Fortnite Season 4

A new location has been added to Fortnite known as the Driftwood. It is because many players have been looking in the ground for this landmark that they have been having difficulty finding this location. In fact, The Driftwood is an airship.

The Driftwood airship can be found hovering northwest of the Flutter Barn, which is where you can find it. It is important to remember that the airship is constantly in motion, so do not panic if you cannot see it. As a general rule, that is the location where The Driftwood airship will begin its journey most of the time. As a result, if you intend to get on board at some point during the match, it is best if you land on it early in the game. Performing this action will also complete one of the Week 3 challenges, which requires players to drop onto the Driftwood landmark at the start of the match.

You can earn 20,000 experience points by completing one of the easy quests from Week 2. There is nothing complicated about the quest. You will need to land on the Driftwood and then open three chests or ammo boxes.

With three floors and a large number of chests to open, the airship should not pose any difficulty.

This is also a good place to drop and grab some loot very quickly. Nevertheless, it is recommended if you have just begun playing the game because there is a high likelihood that you will encounter other players.