Four Alleged Online Investment Scammers Arrested in Phuket


(CTN News) – A total of four alleged investment scammers have been arrested in Phuket’s main city district.

They were arrested in the Wichit sub-district. At the Region 8 Police Station base in Phuket, police held a press conference.

Eight arrest warrants have been issued, according to Lieutenant General Amphon Buarabphon. Amphon said…

Online investment scams caused 1,258,630 baht in damage, Phuket Police Said

Neither the names of the suspects nor the details of the alleged scam have been released.

Call center scammers and online investment scammers can be reported to, or any police station.

There has been a serious problem with scams in Thailand, which has affected many Thais.

The 63-year-old woman from Trang province in southern Thailand says she “clicked one link” and lost 1.5 million baht in seconds.

Nis went from having millions in her bank account – which she saved by selling pork at the market for 40 years – to just 1661 baht.

With recent arrest warrants, Phuket police will hopefully catch all of the scammers, and the victims will get their money back.