Get the best beans for your cup of joe at CentralWorld expo

get the best beans for your cup of joe at centralworld expo

photo courtesy of Central Pattana

The best coffee beans from around the world and speciality coffee from across Thailand are presented during “Thailand Coffee Hub 2022” at CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Road, until Oct 11.

Held for the first time by the Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand, the event offers an immersive experience for all coffee lovers to taste great coffee at every activity zone on the 1st floor of the shopping centre.

Many of the country’s popular coffee speciality brands are bringing their amazing coffee beans and serving special menus prepared by barista champions.

They include Roots, which presents a drip coffee set called Drip&Go at special prices; Summer Coffee Company from Ayutthaya which comes with its four signature coffee beans — Milk Man, Mr Rum Raisin, Morning Person and Weekender; and Nana Coffee Roaster which is home to barista champions in various fields and award-winning coffee beans.

This is a rare opportunity to experience the aesthetics of coffee from barista champion Kasama Kunboon and try hand-brew coffee and popular coffee from Roast Runner, Bottomless, Brew Lab, Santipanich Roaster Company, Good Goods, Rosetta and Nespresso.

Coffee Okamase is serving its Omakase-style coffee while Hario Cafe brings a coffee menu set from the COE (Cup of Excellent) coffee beans at 1,500 baht per course.

Besides shopping for coffee equipment and ingredients from popular brands, visitors are invited to taste coffee from several coffee-growing locations. Many coffee gurus are also there to reveal the best coffee brewing methods in workshops.

For non-coffee drinkers, special drinks and signature menus by chocorista champions are available at the Craft Cocoa Village, which also gathers craft cocoa, craft chocolate and chocolate products from all over the country.

Exclusively from today to Sunday at the Central Court, leading artists will render a jazz performance starting at 6pm. They include Kob Saowanit, Pure The Voice, Nat The Voice, Johnifer The Voice, Tangmo The Voice and Khela & Vee.