Gourmet Market hosts vegetarian festival

The Vegetarian Food Festival 2022 is bringing popular meatless dishes from well-known restaurants and selections of premium fresh, hygienic ingredients from renowned brands and famous markets to all branches of the Gourmet Market and Gourmet Eats, until Oct 4.

The festival is divided into three parts. The “Best Of J Famous” at the Gourmet Eats Market Hall, ground floor of Paragon, brings 25 well-known shops and popular restaurants from Yaowarat and other areas to serve up over 200 vegetarian dishes.

They include yentafoh (noodle in pink soup) from Nai Uan Yentafoh (from Sao Chingcha); fish and rice porridge from Khao Tom Pla Plaeng Nam (Yaowarat); and mee krachet (stir-fried noodle with water mimosa) from Chorleng (Talat Phlu).

gourmet market hosts vegetarian festival

photo courtesy of The Mall Group

The “Best Of J Legendary” presents over 60 street food dishes from 30 popular shops, at all branches of Gourmet Eats Food Court and Gourmet Eat Take Home.

Among the highlights are Thai Airways patongo (deep-fried dough stick), kui chai (garlic chives dumplings) Nai Bu Talat Phlu, Sawadee fried tofu, rat na (stir-fried noodles with gravy) Yaowarat, and rice with a variety of side dishes from Walee Vegetarian restaurant. Delivery can be ordered through Robinhood and Line Man applications.

The “Best Of J Ingredient”, meanwhile, offers more than 650 items of fresh, hygienic, premium ingredients perfect for vegetarian cooking from renowned brands and five famous markets from across the country, at all branches of Gourmet Market.

They include mee kueng from Yaowarat Market, tofu wrapped in banana leaf from Saphan Mai Market, chai poh (pickled radish) from 100 Years Wat 7 Samian Market in Ratchaburi, kanachai (pickled cabbage and herbs) from Baan Hin Kong in Saraburi, and noodle (white, jade and charcoal) by Look Thaw brand from Yala.

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