How Much Hair Loss Should You Normally Have In A Day?

(CTN NEWS) – Hair loss may occur when you wash and brush your hair daily. You might be surprised at the number of strands lost every time. It is normal, however, for some people to lose hair.

Keeping an eye on it and knowing the difference between normal and concerning is all you need to do (via Videx).

“As part of life’s cycle, hair sheds”, says dermatologist Amy McMichael, MD, spokesperson for the Reflections of Alopecia Areata campaign. It’s fairly easy to gauge how much hair loss you’re experiencing and whether it’s within the normal range.

“Hair loss may occur due to washing or brushing your hair. ” You should pay attention to hair loss because many things can cause it.

What normal hair loss looks like

health, how much hair loss should you normally have in a day?

In Healthline’s opinion, healthy hair has movement, volume, and shine, all of which can be accompanied by hair loss and still be considered normal. Hairs that may have already been loose or disconnected fall out during healthy hair loss.

These are the hairs you see near the drain or collecting in your hairbrush. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, losing 50 to 100 hair strands a day is normal.

There are nearly 100,000 hair follicles in each person’s hair, so losing about 100 strands daily is hardly noticeable.

Hair “shedding” is part of the hair cycle. “We spend 85% of our lives in the anagen stage at one time,” says salon trichologist Penny James.

She explains that when your hair is resting, it is in the catagen state. During telogen and exogen, your hair falls out naturally in preparation for new growth.

However, many different factors can influence how you lose hair. Women, for example, lose more hair than men. Dermatologic Therapy published a study that found 40 percent of women experience hair loss due to heat styling tools or hair dye used on their hair.

For women, pregnancy and menopause can also result in longer periods of hair shedding.

When to be concerned about your hair loss

health, how much hair loss should you normally have in a day?

The American Academy of Dermatologists warns that excessive hair loss occurs when hair loss exceeds 50 to 100 hairs per day. It’s wise not to get too caught up in numbers; however, according to board-certified trichologist David Kingsley, F.W.T.S.,

“If you notice that about 90 hairs are falling out over a few weeks, you might decide that this is normal,” he says.

When you lose 45 hairs daily, 90 is twice your normal average. There is a possibility that you are losing too much hair. It’s all about paying attention to your body’s regular cycles and knowing when something is wrong.

Certain signs can detect excessive hair loss. As your hair thins, you may notice patchy bald spots, large clumps of hair loss, loose hair, body hair loss, or scaling and itching on your scalp.

This is according to Mayo Clinic. Besides stress, several health conditions can contribute to hair loss, such as thyroid issues, Lupus, nutritional deficiencies, and more (via Healthline).

At this point, you should see a doctor for a treatment plan tailored to your body and hair loss experience.