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How to use Adobe Photoshop for Graphic Design – Learn Basics

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Create your first design

Adobe Photoshop: This video series teaches basic Photoshop design techniques. You’ll discover how to use layers, merge photos, apply layer masks, and add creative graphics, text, and effects.

These abilities will be used as you mix design components into a simple, one-of-a-kind composite for print or web use. Have fun using your own photographs or the sample files provided on this page to follow along.

Get to know layers

Layers are the foundation of any Adobe Photoshop express design. Begin constructing this layered design by adding one image to another and establishing a new layer for the original artwork.

Along the way, you’ll become acquainted with the Layers panel and master the fundamentals of working with layers.

How to use adobe photoshop pro?

Combine images using layer masks

Layer masks are the most flexible way to combine images. A layer mask hides part of a layer to display what’s on the layers below.

Use layer masks in this design to replace a dull sky in one image with dramatic clouds from another and to gradually blend artwork into the rest of the design.

Add text and effects

Add text to your design. Then embellish the text with creative layer effects for a unique look. Learn how to work with Type layers, and use Typekit to access a treasure trove of exciting fonts.

Include vector graphics

Using Adobe Photoshop isn’t just for photographs. Take your design further by making custom shapes in Photoshop and placing a logo made in Adobe Illustrator. Vector graphics like these can be scaled and edited as much as you like.

Export and save the design

Save your design in PSD format to retain its layers and effects for future editing. Then save or export copies for different uses.

Save a copy as a PDF for sharing, and use Photoshop’s Export features to export all or part of the design in web-friendly formats.