Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane Class Build


(CTN News) – In Call of duty; Modern Warfare 2, you can unlock a wide range of weapons and attachments.

It is likely that you will be able to get your hands on the FSS Hurricane early on in the game, and with the best attachments equipped you will be able to build a strong class to take to the next Modern Warfare 2 match.

A FSS Hurricane was included in the multiplayer beta back in September. As a result, more attachments have become available since then, so you will definitely want to update your build.

This build will primarily focus on increasing the weapon’s recoil control and damage in order to make the submachine gun viable both at close quarters and at medium distances.

FSS Hurricane class in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Here is a breakdown of the attachments used in this class. The first product is the FTAC Castle Comp, which will enhance your horizontal and vertical recoil control.

The FSS Cannonade 16” barrel provides increased damage range, bullet velocity, and accuracy when hip-firing.

In addition to improving accuracy at close range, the VX Pineapple underbarrel has several benefits, including hip fire recoil control, recoil steadiness, and even aim walking steadiness.

With the Demo Fade Pro Stock and Sakin ZX Grip, you will be able to control recoil to the utmost degree.

FSS Hurricane can now be tuned

The weapon tuning feature was disabled by Infinity Ward shortly after the game launched as it was causing crashes. Your attachments can now be tuned for an additional layer of customization after the issue has been resolved.

Upon reaching the maximum level with your gun, weapon tuning will open and you will be able to tweak your class using the sliders.

A pistol is the best secondary weapon to use alongside your FSS Hurricane. We have compiled a pistol tier list for Modern Warfare 2 if you are uncertain which pistol to use.