Tencent Cloud Showcases ‘Cloud-AI’ Technologies to Empower Smart Cities at Sustainability Expo 2022

tencent cloud showcases ‘cloud-ai’ technologies to empower smart cities at sustainability expo 2022

Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, recognises the importance of being a part of the business sustainability engine by introducing cloud solutions and smart AI technologies. Such advancements are critical to promoting smart city development to further achieve sustainability, in addition to rapidly and efficiently satisfying the demands of organisations and enterprises in a variety of industries.

Tencent Cloud recently participated in “Sustainability Expo 2022,” ASEAN’s largest sustainability event, which was organised to encourage organisations and people to collaborate to achieve sustainability and reduce long-term environmental impact. The exhibition took place in the Better Community Zone, which featured digital solutions from leading global technology companies and sustainable development experts, presenting the latest technologies and solutions to improve people’s lives and displaying smart city development concepts. Tencent Cloud displays the most recent IoT platform, AI analytics, and virtual world technologies that will be critical in the development of a smart city, including the following:

  • Tencent Cloud IoT Platform is a platform for building structures and ecosystems used to control building energy consumption data and connect IoT devices to support a variety of applications, with a user-centric focus that can be flexibly customised to achieve greater sustainability.
  • Tencent Cloud Smart Video Analysis Platform, or SVAP, is a platform that integrates Tencent Cloud AI capabilities to provide security solutions for smart cities through video-based scenario analysis.
  • Tencent Cloud Raydata Visualization Interactive System is a data management system used to display big data from industries such as smart city management and energy supply, among others. The system also manages and presents complex data in 3D, supports real-time rendering, and animated interactions, allowing administrators to quickly identify and anticipate significant city concerns or potential risks.

tencent cloud showcases ‘cloud-ai’ technologies to empower smart cities at sustainability expo 2022

Furthermore, Tencent Cloud participated in a keynote speech on “Innovative Ways to Save the World” to provide insightful views and examples from real-world use cases of Tencent Cloud’s technology integration to drive sustainability in a variety of ways. The activity is consistent with Tencent Cloud’s commitment to leveraging the ‘Tech for Good’ concept to improve society and generate sustainable innovations, as well as strengthen the company’s position as the ‘Digital Enabler’ for all businesses across all industries.

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