Thailand has 3.4 million poor people, census shows

Recent data released by a government census agency shows that Thailand has 3.4 million people living below the poverty line as of January this year.

The data was released by the Thai People Map and Analytics Platform (TPMAP), which surveyed people based on the Community Development Department’s 2021 statistics. It also took into account the number of people who registered for a state welfare card to receive monthly allowances from the government this year.

TPMAP surveyed 36.1 million people across the country to see if they had basic necessities. Of the number surveyed, 3.44 million were found living without their basic needs being met and were thus categorised as “poor”.

Of the 3.44 million people classified as poor, 1.03 million had registered for and received state welfare cards, TPMAP said.

The survey also showed that 1.02 million people need urgent help on the following issues:

• Health: 218,757 people

• Living conditions: 220,037

• Education: 272,518

• Income: 506,647

• Access to government services: 3,335

thailand has 3.4 million poor people, census shows
Deputy government spokesperson Thipanun Sirichana said recently that the government will use the data provided by TPMAP to provide help as soon as possible.

The figures provided by TPMAP, however, are different from those provided by the National Statistical Office of Thailand (NSOT).

According to NSOT figures, Thailand had 4.4 million people living below the poverty line in 2021 compared to 8.44 million in 2012. These are the most up-to-date figures available.

NSOT uses income levels as the criteria for classifying poor people and only considers those who earn less than 2,802 baht per month.