The Overwatch 2 Developers Explain The Need To Link Phone Numbers To Accounts


(CTN News) – Players of Overwatch 2 will have to unlock the original characters initially. Therefore, the cast of characters that will be available from the start of the series will not be available at first.

Report of Overwatch 2:

Several Overwatch 2 blogs have reported this news, as reported by Destructoid. Blizzard says new players feel overwhelmed by the hero pool and various modes in Overwatch, a frequent piece of feedback it has received.

To meet the needs of Overwatch 2 players who have never played the game, the team has implemented a new First Time User Experience, or FTUE.

As a result, the updated FTUE directly addresses those feedbacks. The first phase of the game involves unlocking the game’s modes and chat features – this will happen “rapidly,” according to Blizzard.

After that, according to Destructoid, players must play “approximately 100 matches” to unlock the original Overwatch heroes. Note that this is only for the heroes in the original game. Various heroes will be unlocked through the Overwatch 2 battle pass.

You can unlock competitive play after winning 50 Quick Play matches. It is worth pointing out that Blizzard says “most FTUE restrictions are lifted while in a group, so new players can play almost any game mode with their friends at any time.” Competitive is an exception.

According to the blog, “the updated FTUE process helps players join the fun while discouraging inappropriate behavior and cheating.

According to the blog. In FTUE, unlocking game features takes time, and Competitive can only be accessed by winning matches.

Disruptive players cannot affect the larger community immediately, since voice chat and match chat are available later in the game. We will be able to identify suspicious accounts before they enter other game modes by requiring brand-new accounts created by cheaters or disruptive players to undergo this experience.”

According to Blizzard, if you already have Overwatch playtime on your account, or if you own the Watchpoint Pack, you won’t have to go through the First Time User Experience.

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