This Fall, McDonald’s Halloween Buckets Might Be Back


(CTN News) _ McDonald’s; Do you want some nostalgia with your fast food?

This rumor might be boo-tiful. reports that a site called Nightmare Nostalgia has inside info on McDonald’s bringing back its Halloween Happy Meal buckets.

What are McDonald’s Halloween buckets?

Started offering its Happy Meal kids meals in cute little Halloween buckets in 1986, so they can double as a trick-or-treat pail if they’re not out for maximum candy.

Normally, Happy Meals come in cardboard boxes shaped like houses, so the buckets were fun.

What did the original McDonald’s Halloween buckets look like?

McPunk’n, McBoo, and McGoblin were the original designs. Each looked like a jack-o-lantern but with a different face.

It looks like McPunk’n is happy, McBoo is a little startled, and McGoblin is sleepy, but he probably looks scary.

Ghost and witch McDonald’s Halloween buckets

McDonald’s added white ghost and green witch designs a few years later. Despite the spooky witch’s reputation, they all looked pretty happy.

Here’s an ad from 1990. In the commercial, the ghost bucket even glows. (Don’t worry about the Chicken McNuggets making sauce, presumably for their own consumption.)

When did McDonald’s stop making Halloween buckets?

A timeline of fast-food chain promotional history is available at Nightmare Nostalgia. Some of the bigger changes involved switching to vinyl glow-in-the-dark trick-or-treat bags, called McBoo Bags.

Cookie cutters popped off the top of the buckets in 1992. Halloween bucket creativity was at its peak. I hope someone got a raise.

Eventually, the pails vanished in 2016, going out with an It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown design.

It’s time to bring them back, right? Hi! Are you listening? Ron? Gloom? I’m sorry!

What will the new Halloween buckets look like?

This is surely a treat, not a trick for Halloween fans.

McDonald’s did not respond to repeated requests for comment, which implies the company really wants to keep this news under wraps.

The snack-news Instagram account markie_devo posted a photo of the new buckets. It looks like the buckets are ghost, witch, and pumpkin, so maybe the