Tropical Storm Noru to Bring 2 Days of Heavy Rain to Northern Thailand


Thailand’s Meteorological Department reports tropical storm Noru is expected to hit Thailand bringing heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Meteorologists have warned the tropical storm will bring heavy rain to Thailand’s north and northeastern regions.

Additionally, it stated that during the same time period, monsoon rains over the southern part of the northern region, the central plains, and the southern part of the northeastern region are forecast to intensify.

This will bring heavy rain and possible flooding to all Thailand regions, except the south.

Last night in Bangkok, there was continuous rain, with flooding reported throughout the city due to heavy rainfall.

According to the Meteorological Department’s warning to Bangkok residents, efforts to drain stormwater into the Chao Phraya River through canals may be hampered by a high tide and heavy rains today.

Yesterday, several northern, northeastern, and central provinces reported widespread flooding.

The Mun River is expected to remain high until the end of the month, and river overflows are anticipated in many locations, according to the National Water Command Centre’s forecast.

Defence volunteers in boats on the Mun River in the Warin Chamrap district of Ubon Ratchathani advised riverside residents to notify authorities 12 hours in advance if they wanted to be evacuated to a temporary shelter.

Municipal workers and volunteers in the Phimai district of Nakhon Ratchasima used sandbags to block the drainage system, preventing water from seeping into the Phimai Historical Park and the district’s commercial area.

Source: Thai PBS

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