TrueMoney launches “Pay Next – Credit on Hand”

An innovative buy-now, pay-later service to fulfil various spending on TrueMoney Wallet. Easy to Apply and allows seamless online and offline payments via TrueMoney Wallet at more than 200,000 payment acceptance points.

TrueMoney, Southeast Asia’s leading e-payment and financial service provider, introduces “Pay Next – Credit on Hand”, a buy-now, pay-later (BNPL) service on the TrueMoney Wallet app that offers credit lines to users so they can spend online and offline easily and conveniently.

This service focuses on fulfilling the new generation’s needs for more flexibility in everyday spending and complements as a solution for money management.

“Pay Next – Credit on Hand” is a BNPL service on TrueMoney Wallet that enables users to purchase products and services online and offline conveniently without the need to spend their personal cash flow. Customers can effortlessly access Pay Next as a credit line for daily life spending via the TrueMoney Wallet app.

The application process takes only five minutes to obtain approval. The credit limit is up to 10,000 baht, which is effective immediately after approval. Free interest if it is repaid by the due date, or the user can choose an instalment plan for a maximum of five months.

Tanyapong Thamavaranukupt, Co-President of Ascend Money Co., Ltd., said: “We have developed the “Pay Next – Credit on Hand” service on the TrueMoney Wallet app to fulfil customers’ needs for greater financial agility.”

“From our customer survey, we have found that many of today’s customers are looking for BNPL payment options. Customers find it is more convenient to make purchases without paying from their cash flow for the desired goods and services by using a line of credit to increase financial flexibility. Hence, we have begun to develop the ‘Pay Next – Credit on Hand’ service and pilot the service to more and more selective groups of users since last year. Today is the official launch of the service, which is being made available nationwide.”

truemoney launches “pay next – credit on hand”

Customers can simply apply Pay Next Extra by downloading the TrueMoney Wallet app and declaring their ID cards and income statement at more than 5,000 Pay Next Extra partner stores nationwide. This includes retail, consumer goods, electronics, and gold and jewellery shops and health and beauty clinics. TrueMoney aims to expand the “Pay Next Extra” service to cover more than 7,000 stores by the end of this year.

For those interested in the “Pay Next – Credit on Hand”, BNPL service, can download the TrueMoney Wallet app and go to the “Pay Next – Credit on Hand” icon on the first page. Then, fill in the application form and accept the terms of service. Once approved, customers will receive a notification via the application within five minutes. When users want to make a payment for products or services, this can be done quickly by changing the payment method to “Pay Next”, so they can truly and easily buy now and pay later.