University flight simulator centre takes off as aviation sector begins to soar

Dhurakij Pundit University’s (DPU) College of Aviation Development and Training (CADT) opened a flight simulator centre on Tuesday as Thailand’s aviation industry starts to fly high post-Covid.

Introducing the centre, DPU president Darika Lathapipat said it would enable students, aviation staff and other interested individuals to experience piloting a plane using a simulator.

“The centre also aims to enhance aviation education to keep up with modern technologies,” she said.

The university plans to impart aviation education at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels, as well as international training courses with other aviation partners, Darika said.

She thanked government and private agencies for their cooperation as the centre needed high investment to get off the ground.

Meanwhile, CADT dean Sqn Ldr Wattana Manon said the centre has been established as the aviation industry recovers from the Covid-19 crisis, during which a third of aviation staff had to be laid off.

Wattana said the centre’s three flight simulators – a Boeing 737-800NG and two Cessna 172-G1000s – proved an attraction during the event to introduce the centre.

He noted that Thailand’s aviation industry is recovering quickly after the country fully reopened to foreign visitors.

Wattana expects the number of flights in the fourth quarter to soar.

university flight simulator centre takes off as aviation sector begins to soar

“Once the aviation industry recovers fully, demand for aviation staff like pilots, cabin crews, ground staff and air traffic controllers will increase,” he pointed out.

He also said CADT had organised a programme to upskill and reskill aviation staff so they can overcome changes in the aviation industry.

university flight simulator centre takes off as aviation sector begins to soar

Among event participants was student Thanit Meehadsai of Depsirin School. He said the experience provided by the university’s flight simulators is very much real.

“The simulators teach us that decision making and staying focused are important as wrong decisions or lack of concentration may cost us our lives,” he said.

Thanit is sparing no effort in studying aviation because his dream is to become a pilot.