ViMUT Hospital Launches “ViMUT Life Link” to Enter Senior Healthcare Market

vimut hospital launches “vimut life link”  to enter senior healthcare market

This initiative fulfills the VIMUT’S vision to become a holistic hospital that provides multi-integrated care for all

Bangkok, 27 September 2022 — ViMUT Hospital, a leading private hospital in the heart of Bangkok, makes further inroads into the healthcare market strengthening its efforts to become a holistic hospital providing comprehensive healthcare services. Aiming to serve the senior healthcare group, the hospital launched the ViMUT Life Link, an in-home emergency alert and response system. The new service meets the demands of today’s families where younger family members go out to work everyday.  With a monthly fee just 1,000 baht, the new 24/7 response service brings senior citizens closer to doctors and nurses on duty. The hospital is confident that the ViMUT Life Link service will be well-received by urban residents looking for solutions to help protect and prevent any possible risks and unexpected accidents to their elderly loved one’s while they are at home.

Dr. Santi Ueanoraset, Hospital Director, ViMUT Hospital, said, “To promote better health for Thai and non-Thai society, we are expanding our health ecosystem to include clinic networks, physical therapy centers, senior care centers, and health-to-home care services. Our goal is to build a more livable, safe and worry-free society for our customers. Our move is in response to the changing world. We are entering the aging society, and with that comes a surge of non-communicable diseases. With this concern in mind, we are committed to broadening our services to become a Holistic Hospital. ViMUT Hospital is now ready to serve the senior community with our full range of healthcare services. Our health centers and clinics cover several approaches including preventive care, health promotion, diagnosis, treatments, and behavioral changes.”

“In addition, ViMUT Hospital is strengthening our collaborations with medical schools, hospitals, insurance companies, and academic institutions to promote health innovations and skills development, ensuring that our services reach more people,” added Dr. Santi Ueanoraset.

Dr. Ram Bunphaphong, Emergency Medicine Doctor, ViMUT Hospital, explained that older adults require more attentive care than younger groups do. “The body systems of senior citizens tend to weaken with age. There are times they have to take medicine that can make them susceptible to other illnesses. For example, those who take antihypertensive drugs have higher risks of experiencing hypotension, while those taking injectable medicine for diabetes might be more likely to become unconscious which could lead to other accidents. Some may have other medical conditions such as unknown osteoporosis, making bones more prone to fractures. As a result, minor injuries may require surgery or a cast for healing. Statistics also indicate that seniors stay longer in the hospital compared to younger patients. They are twice as likely to use blood tests and x-rays services than other groups. The seniors are also more likely to be readmitted for the same conditions. From a point of view of an emergency doctor, senior patients require a more careful approach when it comes to healthcare,” said Dr. Bunphaphong.

vimut hospital launches “vimut life link”  to enter senior healthcare market

The ViMUT Life Link is a smart solution that allows seniors to reach out to first responders and get help on time, allowing them to live with confidence knowing that they are always in good hands.

There are two types of emergency response service systems:

The Emergency Button

Once the button is pressed, the device will activate the Smart Home Base Unit to connect the patient with the 24/7 emergency response team. From there, the emergency nurses will talk to the patient to see what kind of help they need.  If they require medical attention at the hospital, an ambulance will be sent out right away to make sure the patient gets timely medical attention without the need to wait for the family members to call an ambulance or get home to take them to the hospital.

The Help Trigger

Apart from the in-home emergency button, ViMUT Hospital also provides an Anywhere Safety Emergency Button. The wearable emergency button features a pressable SOS button and a fall alert system that automatically detects falls. Once activated, the device will automatically send the patient’s GPS location to ViMUT Alarm Center to get immediate assistance.

The ViMUT Life Link service also covers telemedicine for online health screenings and ViMUT Tele Nurse for symptoms tracking and health guidance through the ViMUT application. These online services reduce unnecessary traveling, allowing patients to get the help they need in the comfort of their homes. What’s more, the Hospital offers home visits to help install medical equipment as well as demonstrate how to safely use the tools. The ViMUT Life Link is available in three packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum with starting monthly service fee of just approximately 1,000 Baht. For more information, please contact ViMUT Alarm Center at Tel. 080-065-1707.

“In line with our mission, ViMUT Hospital is committed to become a world-class health provider. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical innovations, our hospital aims to provide comprehensive care not only to the Thai people but also to our valued family and friends from overseas. We are ramping up our efforts to serve more patients and expand our client base by opening more specialist clinics, launching new health packages, and recruiting more talents including doctors and interpreters to serve the growing international customers. At ViMUT, we focus on providing quality healthcare through expertise and the latest technology,” included Dr. Santi Ueanoraset, Hospital Director, ViMUT Hospital.