Want A Strong Criminal Defense Story! Try These 5 Solutions


No one is invincible, especially the accused. However, if you’re in a position where you have to face charges and stand trial, you need to know your story and how to tell it best. Many elements contribute to the strength of a criminal defense story, including how well your account matches up with the evidence in court.

Whether you are facing DUIs, theft, battery charges, or any other criminal violation, you need to have an expert defense lawyer by your side. So stay on the right side of these five tips when crafting your story so that justice ultimately prevails over ignorance while sparing yourself a hard time behind bars.

1. Keep Your Story Simple

Storytelling is all about telling a good story without confusing people with too much unnecessary content or details they don’t need. The prosecution will have a field day with this if you have too many arguments or reasons why you should be found innocent. You also need to remember if you are facing any charges of drug possession or addiction.

2. Build Trust

Think back to all those times when everyone used soap operas on TV. You probably remember that some shows were filled with malicious villains and others had more likable and trustworthy characters. The same rule applies to your defense story. An effective lawyer from Fort Worth criminal lawyer will use different tactics to keep you out of jail.

3. Don’t Miss Crucial Details

A story is only compelling if it has detail. This doesn’t just pertain to the people involved in the story but also the setting, location, and period involved in your defense case. You want to remember that beer bottles were found in your vehicle, how you were driving, what time of day it was, and if there was any background music playing.

4. Know The Criminal Defense Law

You can’t just make things up to get out of trouble. You must know how the law works before your case is trialed. A criminal lawyer will be able to tell you exactly how the rules and regulations apply in your case. On the other hand, if you are a witness, you might not even be aware of the law, so it’s best to let the experts help you figure out what’s legal and what isn’t.

5. Look for Opportunities for Bargaining & Agreement

Sometimes you can negotiate a deal that is favorable to both parties. It might not make sense for your case, but it’s always better to look for that option. You need to understand if you have a chance to bargain for a probationary sentence or time served. This is especially true when you face charges of DUI, drugs, and theft because the state will offer you something in exchange for a guilty plea or conviction.

No matter what the situation, it’s best to be prepared so that you can walk into negotiations with your head held high. You can do many things while being charged with criminal infractions, but first, you should look for the best criminal defense lawyer.

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