Watch Fire Stunt Turns Horribly Wrong, Stuntman’s Beard Burns Up in Flames

(CTN News) – Flames came dangerously close to engulfing a stuntman’s face in a disastrous fire stunt. This horrific occurrence has now gone viral on social media.

The guy in the video is standing on the platform, Showing his Fire Stunt with a lit stick in his right hand and requesting a bottle of drink.

He swallows the liquid, holds it in his lips, and then pulls off the trick of blowing it over the flames, creating the impression that he is a dragon spouting fire.

But shortly after, the same flames spread to cover his whole face after catching the hair in his beard.

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The face of the stuntman caught on Fire Stunt.

Following the startling event, the stuntman’s coworkers onstage hurried to his aid and doused the fire by vigorously wiping and tapping the flames off his face.

User Ravi Patidar published the undated Instagram video. Additionally, it’s unclear where the video was shot.

People on Instagram are urging the stuntmen not to do that. Instead, please look at your family once, how worried your family is when they see you with burns on your mouth.

On Instagram, the video released on October 6 has received 12.3 million views and several comments. A person remarked on Instagram, “Bhai jindagi bahut kimati hai,” meaning “Life is valuable.” Another user added, “Stop yaar mat kar plz.”

Another remark said, “Bhai yah sab chhod do Apne Ghar walon ki taraf dekho,” urging the stuntman to consider his family before carrying out such exploits.

”Jis bhai ne apne hath se apke muh ki aag bujhai h aise bhai ko kabhi dokha Mt Dena bar bar har bar aise bhai nhi milte yrrr,” said a fourth user.

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