With the Vision of Educators for Excellence AISL Academy Establishes Partnerships

with the vision of educators for excellence aisl academy establishes partnerships

With the Vision of Educators for Excellence AISL Academy Establishes Partnerships with Renowned Educational Organisations Globally

AISL Academy, the newest innovative educational experience, developed by Asia International School Limited (AISL) Education Group in August 2021, formed partnerships with more than 50 leading international institutions and thought leaders in less than a year. These include University College London (UCL), Cambridge Assessment International Education, Evidence Based Education, and International Child Protection Advisors. The number of partners that share the same commitment to excellence in teaching and learning keeps growing.

AISL Academy houses and delivers quality professional development content in order to enable the continued excellence of international educators both within the AISL community and beyond. Partnerships and collaborations with leading institutions and content providers allow AISL Academy to address a broad range of contemporary school issues and needs, focusing upon research-informed innovative principles and practices in key areas of Bilingual Education, Digital Learning, Early Years Education, Leadership and Management, Pedagogy and Innovation, Safeguarding, Classroom Approaches, Chinese Education, Assessment & Feedback, and Boarding.

AISL Academy’s highly experienced Instructional Design Team works with partners to convert and contextualise their existing content and offerings for an Asian education environment as well as applying to courses and events relevant e-learning instructional design principles to maximise efficiency. AISL Academy has brought together some of the most influential advisors from both education and business in Asia, including leaders of industry and successful entrepreneurs as well as school principals, technology leaders and teachers. These advisors have their fingers on the pulse of the latest developments, bringing the best that Western education has to offer and adapting them to the evolving needs of educators in Asia.

With the vision of Educators for Excellence, AISL Academy, the Group’s unique endeavour, is committed to elevating overall standards in the continuous professional development sector globally.