Your Dogs Eating His Poop? Give Him Proper Nutrition!

You may hear different theories about why dogs eat poop. One view is that dogs like the taste because it contains traces of food they eat. Another idea is that they eat it to keep their environment clean.

Some experts believe this behaviour can also indicate that they are trying to satisfy their nutritional needs. Stool contains various nutrients, including proteins, fats, and vitamins.

If a dog is not getting these in the proper amount, it will feed on this stuff to nourish itself. Then, you can also blame this changed behaviour on their instinct or evolution, stress levels, boredom, medical conditions, or medications.

No matter the cause, this habit is primarily gross. But it cannot be the only reason to prevent your pet from going after this. The main concern is the health risks. Experts warn that poop eating can lead to the ingestion of parasites, such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, coccidian, and giardia.

All these can impact their health adversely. If you notice any health issues like vomiting, low energy, or diarrhea in your dog, contact your vet for consultation. They can recommend a sound diet and standard techniques to wean your pet from feces. Before this, here is a brief look at some popular practices.

learning, your dogs eating his poop? give him proper nutrition!

Diet for dogs eating poop


Dogs like the smell of meat and enjoy eating it if they are not getting enough nutrients from their food. Look for something that can provide them with good bacteria for gut health and stop the feces-eating habit. It is also protein-rich, which is necessary for a healthy coat and skin. Some formulations containing Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and selenium can be a good buy.

Digestive enzyme

When you think about what to put in dog food to stop eating poop, you may also find suggestions for supplements that contain a digestive enzyme, a lack of which can be a reason for your dog’s repulsive behaviour.

Since enzymes help digestion and absorption of nutrients from their food, your dog can eventually stop getting attracted to poop.

In this category, some common options may be papaya-based. However, you can shop around to pick the best one for your dog’s needs.


You can add probiotics to your dog’s diet for several reasons, including alleviating its risk of getting allergies and improving digestion. But one of the top benefits of probiotics is that they can help reduce your dog’s urge to eat stool.

Probiotics can help nurture your dog’s gut by ensuring the balance of good bacteria. If the gut is healthy, the dog’s digestion will be better able to use nutrients and eliminate waste.

It can eventually calm your dog’s desire to eat what is not safe for them. The risk of developing digestive issues will also be lower due to this. However, don’t forget to talk to your vet about whether probiotics might be a good option for them.

learning, your dogs eating his poop? give him proper nutrition!


These low-calorie edible items are rich in fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants, etc. Some pet owners opine that giving this ingredient to your pet frozen or fresh can be helpful, especially if you struggle to correct his newly developed unwanted habit.

Make sure you feed your pet in small quantities only. But don’t take any steps before confirming with your vet. You may need to watch over his health for the first few days to ensure the fruit is safe for them.

Green vegetables

Some advise that kale, broccoli, and spinach can help in this case. These are fibre-rich, so your dog may not find the feces attractive anymore. Or, you can look for brands that offer a mix of fruit and veggies in their formulations.

learning, your dogs eating his poop? give him proper nutrition!

Do you know carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, flax seeds, and many other items fall into the category of superfoods for dogs? Any treat that gives dogs an adequate amount of fibre and nutrition can come in handy in preventing your pet from indulging in unhealthy practices.

Other solutions for controlling or preventing coprophagia (poop eating)

While supplementing your pet’s diet with enough nutrition is critical to stopping the dogs behaviour, you can combine it with other things for a more comprehensive approach. For example, some pets don’t know where to poop or urinate when their living environments change.

If you train them in this, they will not get quick access to poop; hence, it will be easier to break this habit. Some say using a leash when walking in the park or yard can also benefit. You can watch them closely and stop them from eating feces.

Then behaviour training can also help. Teach dogs commands so they don’t pursue a thing when you use words like ‘Leave it.’ Rewarding them with favourite dog treats at times can reinforce the desired habit well. Make sure the reward is exciting for them.

With these, you can involve them in exercises that burn extra energy and prevent the onset of boredom. Some enrichment programs like puzzles and fetching can be the way to go.

learning, your dogs eating his poop? give him proper nutrition!

Hygiene and cleanliness techniques for dogs eating stool

Treatment and training are one thing, but you must also ensure that your dogs mouth is clean and doesn’t reek of poop. Brush the dog’s teeth with pet-friendly toothpaste or coconut oil. If your pet is unfamiliar with the toothpaste’s taste, you can make him taste a small amount before starting the work.

Some dog wipes are available in the market that helps get rid of bacteria and microbes from the mouth. Also, you can try dog mouthwash to remove any traces of poop in their mouth. If you have oral spray, you can use that as well. Sometimes, rough dental chews also work. These can eliminate poop residues stuck in their teeth.

It is natural to care about your dogs. Sometimes, the care you give your furry friend can feel overwhelming under different circumstances. However, these innocent and friendly animals deserve your affection and not harsh treatment. The efforts can take some time to show results, but it can be healthy to be patient.